Training Fees as of November 2016

Fees are based on the squad each swimmer is in and are dependent on the level of coaching sessions available. Additional fees are charged for swimmers taking part in land training. Most new swimmers will be in C Squad. For payment queries please contact the treasurer.

C Squad (Entry squad): £7.00 per month.

B Squad: £11.00 per month.

A Squad: £11.00 per month.

Membership Fees

Below is the fee structure for the club, the ASA membership fee and pool entry fees are under the control of the ASA and the swimming pool.

Annual Fees

Club membership for a year: £20

2016 ASA Registration Fees:
Category 1 (for non-competitive swimmers): £15.20

Category 2 (for all competitive swimmers): £32.00

Training Fees (on the day)

Entry to Brookvale Recreation Centre or Runcorn Swimming Pool : £2.20 (Charged by the pool per session)

Land Training : £1 (per session)